Here at cameo rose we want all you savvy shoppers to feel great and love what you wear. We do this by bringing the very latest trends to more people, fast.
Fashion can play a part in self love and positivity and we want our clothes to spread this message loud and clear.
Our brand is a living, breathing soul. We want every touch point to be truly Cameo Rose. To Do this everything we do should be evaluated against these behaviours. So, it reflects who we are and what we want to achieve.
We’re glass half full types and want to see the best in everyone. As natural cheerleaders we’re here to lift people up and love to see them smash it. We want to be a platform for celebrating differences and making everyone feel great about who they are.
We’re the friend you can always confide in and people are drawn to our natural warmth. We’re open and honest and want our customers to be able to ask us anything, to throw us curveballs and know they’ll be listened to.
At Cameo Rose everyone is invited. When we plan new products or launches or when we are getting our message out there, we do everything we can to consider our whole audience. We take every opportunity to learn from our customers, who they are, how they feel and what they want.